Santa maria synergy sc

Santa Maria Synergy SC is a soccer club based in Santa Maria, California, and a member of the Women’s Premier Soccer League.

With every endeavor we seek to be a community of coaches, players, parents, referees, fans, and opponents who are committed to collaboration that encourages engagement which is open to diversity, and above all is determined to compete in a positive sports environment.

Our Mission

To establish high-level men’s and women’s soccer teams built with local talent that: Youth look up to, brings community together in celebration, players, coaches and staff are proud of, and sponsors with long-term partnerships. 

Our Partners


d'Alary Dalton

CEO & Founder

d’Alary Dalton is a Sports Based Youth Development Professional, certified Academic Advisor for Athletes and Soccer Coach with extensive experience in coaching and teaching; research; management; and highly knowledgeable on youth development through sports. She has successfully coached children and young adults in highly competitive as well as recreational environments. 

Djibril Coulibaly


Djibril Coulibaly is a Regional Director for Alta California Sol and Co-Founder of Santa Maria Synergy Soccer Club. Djibril has been coaching in youth soccer for 13 years. He has also held multiple leadership positions within both recreational and competitive soccer organizations. Djibril looks forward to leading the efforts of Santa Maria Synergy by providing the support needed by the coaching staff and the players.